Another dope guest verse: with Notion and Cee

Absolutely thrilled to follow up my release party by sharing this gorgeous, life-affirming banger of a tune I made with the brothers Thorn, Bradley (Notion) and Craig (Cee), and Digital Junkie, who did the crispy scratch chorus. Another victory for the Sons of Boombap crew, and for The Movement Fam, and most assuredly for me, stealin’ this jam by singing like Nate Dogg and talm bout getting zooted an’ blasting the Sugababes. Them Aussie c—ts do the damn thang up proper too – I particularly like Nosh Dawg’s verse, which is simple but lands with oomph, and I dig Cee’s positivity on the second verse too. Bright, bouncy, soulful, optimistic, fun rap music. Give it a listen! #RhinoSalute!


The CDs Have Been Printed!

I’m so excited! Wow! Get yours at tomorrow show, 9 PM at Stone Lounge, 783 College St in Toronto. We gon’ have a *PARTY* baby!

Or get them on Bandcamp:


The first review is 9/10

Not even five full days since my second album dropped and my mind is still swirling. It feels surreal to have finally made it here – almost seven full years since the last album dropped. And then, suddenly, out of nowhere, like a bullet, came the first review the album has received.

9 outta 10, y’all!

“One of the best albums of the year!”

An’ *this* person believes that this album gets absolutely right exactly what I was afraid it got very wrong – Chi Chi believes that We Will No Longer Retreat Into Darkness hangs together beautifully *as an album*, on which every song is in dialogue with the others, and not just a collection of killer singles. (Though it’s also obviously that!) I’m still disappointed that this album has too few emotionally potent songs on it – I have at least four written and ready to be recorded that I just couldn’t find the right beats for in time, plus several more in lesser stages of development – but I read this review around 2 AM last night and my heart has been glowing ever since. Someone *gets* it! *YES!* An’ I caint *wait* to throw down a stellar performance for y’all on Friday! Unh!