Triumph in Mississauga!

Holy shit! Measuring Man and I have had the good fortune to be on some great bills in the past, but this one was more stacked with talent than just about any we’ve yet been on. Kush McCloud and Simply Put of #TheNetwork were gracious hosts at Oko Red Lounge for the famous The Sauga Continues event, where we delivered a devastating set alongside an amazing group of talent including Young Stitch and Sentral Soldiers, Treetop Entertainment (Kehmak and Casper The Ghost), Dynamic, Jadio & Soul, and Hotrox Skren MC! Hard to pick who was best—Dynamic had the sick hooks and commanding stage presence, Hotrox had the “Irish Sticky Fingaz” charisma and slammin’ oldschool beats, Sentral Soldiers spit crazy fire, the Treetop boys smashed the place. Everybody ripped it! What an honour and pleasure to rock that crazy bill! And best of all—we’re comin’ BACK! The crowd chose us to headline the next Sauga Continues event! BAM! #RhinoSalute!

Party In Mississauga


We opened for Ed OG!

It was a crazy night for many reasons, but Measuring Man and I burnt down our set opening for the Boston godfather, Ed OG, at The El Mo last night—and we later learned that Ed was digging the songs too! Big ups to our brethren Righteous and Wasun, and to the ill opening singer Chalaine, who also did their thing that night!


Rhino stopped by Rancho for $5 Rap Night
to help out a fellow southpaw

The Amazing Chokeules dropped his new album Stay Up! tonight (coincidence?) at Rancho. To help support a brother with his amazing new CD, Rhino, along with fellow lefties SJ The Wordburglar and More Or Les, got up with Choke to do the smash posse cut Leftorium! Always a fun night at Rancho and $5 rap. And UltraMagnus was amazing as usual! As was fellow HHK SciFi holding it down in the opening slot! Big Ups!