We shot a video today!

Wow that was amazing. Pictures Forthcoming. As will be the video! Stay tuned and Stay Up!



Damn, y’all! We’re opening for The Roots at Luminato!

Goin’ a see The Roots on Sunday? Join Measuring Man and I as we aid our dear brother, the Grand Funkin’ Verbalizer More Or Les, and his trusty ally Peter Project to smash a couple numbers in the opening slot on the Festival Hub Stage! BANG!


Rhino and Trash Mob to team up again!

Holla! Playin Baltic Avenue on Bloor on June 11. See FB event for details.



Trash Mob


We’re shooting a video!

May 31st! in Kensington Market with directo IllVibe! Gonna have us a street parade. Be there 1pm at College and Augusta to help Rhino make history!


We gon’ rock the block!

The erstwhile director of our music video, local Toronto mover, shaker and hustler extraordinaire Illvibe, has kindly arranged, in concert with Mike London and our homie Tragic of Philly Moves, for us to Rock The Block at Duffy’s Tavern on the 31st, the same day as our video shoot! Five-dollar entry to an amazing showcase with us, Illy, Philly Moves, M.O. Littles, Molly Thomason and host Rush Zilla! Roll through! BANG!



A dope MC is a dope MC….

So saith KRS-One and so say us. I’m so proud to show y’all my brand spankin’ new, blazing-fire guest verse on the homie Cam James’ new EP with our longtime friend and collaborator Remot! Cam is from Florida, via Georgia, and he and I both ASSASSINATED this here jam! Peep the whole EP – it’s great! And be on the lookout for Rhino x Cam James collabo material in the future! “Motherfucker I’m back from the dead…”