Another dope guest verse: with Notion and Cee

Absolutely thrilled to follow up my release party by sharing this gorgeous, life-affirming banger of a tune I made with the brothers Thorn, Bradley (Notion) and Craig (Cee), and Digital Junkie, who did the crispy scratch chorus. Another victory for the Sons of Boombap crew, and for The Movement Fam, and most assuredly for me, stealin’ this jam by singing like Nate Dogg and talm bout getting zooted an’ blasting the Sugababes. Them Aussie c—ts do the damn thang up proper too – I particularly like Nosh Dawg’s verse, which is simple but lands with oomph, and I dig Cee’s positivity on the second verse too. Bright, bouncy, soulful, optimistic, fun rap music. Give it a listen! #RhinoSalute!