We opened for Ed OG!

It was a crazy night for many reasons, but Measuring Man and I burnt down our set opening for the Boston godfather, Ed OG, at The El Mo last night—and we later learned that Ed was digging the songs too! Big ups to our brethren Righteous and Wasun, and to the ill opening singer Chalaine, who also did their thing that night!


Rhino stopped by Rancho for $5 Rap Night
to help out a fellow southpaw

The Amazing Chokeules dropped his new album Stay Up! tonight (coincidence?) at Rancho. To help support a brother with his amazing new CD, Rhino, along with fellow lefties SJ The Wordburglar and More Or Les, got up with Choke to do the smash posse cut Leftorium! Always a fun night at Rancho and $5 rap. And UltraMagnus was amazing as usual! As was fellow HHK SciFi holding it down in the opening slot! Big Ups!




We ‘bout to open for Ed OG!

Shouts to the homie Righteous for booking us a gig opening for the Boston legend Ed OG! Also on the bill are the likes of Gee Wunder, Icky Eric, Babu G, Lingo Starr and our amazing homie Wasun. Thursday July 17th, at the El Mocambo, 464 Spadina Avenue at College, downstairs! 20 bucks for entry! We’re on around 11 PM! We opening for classic rap legends like we trading hockey cards! Tryna get the whole set one day baby!

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Rhino wins Bronze!

Not at the Olympics, people, but at the second annual Hip Hop Karaoke Competition Edition in Toronto. We brought the house down and impressed the homies Freedom Writers with a rendition of “A Day At The Races”, Jurassic 5’s classic fast-rap workout, featuring Rhino as guest stars Big Daddy Kane and Percee-P. Proud to do my thang in the place it all started, and a pleasure to rock with the homie Phil Litevsky of Dope-A-Lot and my beloved brother, Digs, who produced such classic Rhino records as “Company Policy”. “Whaddup Witcha”. BAM!


Rhino & Digs Win Bronze!


Damn, y’all! We opened for The Roots at Luminato!

We weren’t expecting much, but it turns out our gig opening for The Roots at Luminato with More Or Les was an amazing success! We smashed “Whaddup WItcha” and “Get Back” for a very appreciative crowd, and Les was typically incredible, showing off his verbal pyrotechnics and inimitable, sui generis flavor on hits like “Brunch Again” and “Crossbow”. Shoutout to the homie Caj Flow, a very dope emcee I had the privilege of meeting at the event. WE WIN!


We done rocked the block!

Wow! What a stunner of a show we had! Our illustrious director, Illvibe, did his thing. M.O. Littles did his thing. Molly Thomason, a folk-rocker bravely killing it for a rap crowd, did her thing. Our stunning and hilarious host, Rush Zilla, did her thing. The homeboys Tragic and Jonny Rockwell of Philly Moves REALLY did they thing. And as for us? We brought the funk! We brought the razzle-dazzle! Caint NOBODY do it like us, boy! We KILLED it! Much love an’ respect to the whole crew! #RhinoSalute!


We shot a video today!

Wow that was amazing. Pictures Forthcoming. As will be the video! Stay tuned and Stay Up!