Back with a sneak peak at the new album!

Hello Friends! I had a good day on my birthday, but the party ain’t over yet, my people! Oh no! I have uploaded no fewer than three songs from my smash hit second album, We Will No Longer Retreat Into Darkness, and they is now on the Cloud of Sound for your listening pleasure. Holy shit, wow! I’m so excited! I’m so happy you can hear:

-the gleefully ribald sex romp “The One You Need”, in which producer The Measuring Man executes the most perfect sample-flip of all time on one of my favourite soul songs, 1970s Chairmen of the Board smash “Since the Days of Pigtails”, and which features hip-hop’s only Steve Reich joke ever.

-the rip-roaring all-in-together-now posse cut “Basically Jesus”, featuring a staggering lineup of unfuckwithable rap talent rockin’ over a perfect slapper of a beat by the greatest producer in Canada, Digs; feminist rap legend Jesse Dangerously; Urbnet signee and man of letters I Am Joseph of the esteemed Newfoundland rap group ChessClub; the undisputed single greatest rapper of all time, More Or Les; and, as clean-up man, the rising Georgia phenom Cam James, whose work has been popping up on tv shows and shit – listen to how crispy this fuckin’ verse is, he ASSASSINATES it, it’s *insane*.

-and a song with THE MOTHERFUCKIN’ DUNGEON FAMILY, specifically Big Rube and Witchdoctor, an inarguable highlight of my career, entitled “‘Til the Lights Go Out”, on which I and these two immeasurably glorious legends of hip-hop (who need I remind you were on Atliens and Aquemini and Soul Food and Still Standing, AND ARE NOW ROCKING WITH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) explore love and justice and beauty and the good and the truth and let’s be real Witchdoctor kinda just says whatever he wants but I don’t mind it’s PERFECT because I MADE A SONG WITH BIG RUBE AND WITCHDOCTOR GODDAMNIT NO ONE CAN TAKE MY DEATHLESS UNEARTHLY OVERPOWERING JOY FROM ME OH SHIT whatever time I got left I’m holla an’ SCREAM DF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!