Striver’s Dictionary

Aiyyo this is for my nieces, Aaliyah Ariella an’ Valentina Theresa
‘Cause I love ’em.

Always aim to be altruistic. Even arbitrary approximation
Is better than lettin’ your heart be buried with lots o’ hatin’
Don’t let bullshit ’bout bikinis and beach bodies influence you
Be benevolent – then you’ll always be beautiful.
Compassion crushes cruelty to crumbs an’ changes chains into chariots
It’s a crucial concept, cradle an’ cherish it.
Challenges an’ crisis can carry a curmudgeonly cudgel –
But that can’t defeat you if it doesn’t disgust you
So don’t despair! Drink deep from the river of doubt
But direct it – let it help you to figure things out!
An’ make every effort to engender an’ extend your empathy –
Let evil people keep their emptiness envy an’ enmity.
Fight for freedom faithfully an’ when you face to face with fear or fakery
Be forbearing an’ forge ye forward gracefully
Fortitude is fitting ’cause you’re God’s gleaming gems of gold
Glorious an’ gifted – don’t ever forget or fold. I love you!

An’ we’re glad you’re here! So be happy to have your health an’
Hearken an’ heed ’em when decent people ask you for help an’
Honour your mama Haley that bond is holy an’ sacred
Already told you don’t let your heart be a home for hatred
Be honest before the highest host of heaven
Live with integrity in His image if you hope to impress Him
Be just and judicious, don’t make your judgments malicious
It’s noble to nourish your own ‘stead of others’ opinions
Better to be perceptive than pleasant, so please, don’t be quiescent –
Because the status quo deserves to be questioned!
An’ be reckless in honest pursuit of knowledge an’ truth
Set your sights on your soul before shopping or shoes
Be tough an’ tenacious when undertakings are rough an’ vexing
Weep when you gotta but remember the wonderful blessings
Keep zen when exceptional stress is stormin’ through
An’ remember ­ your most valuable resource is you.

You might notice that I left out K and L!
‘Cause with the structure of the song rushin’ it along I couldn’t explain ’em well.
But more vital than any item above
Is K and L, which is two things – kindness an’ love.
Listen ­­
I hope you practice them the most an’ you do ’em first
The two most important things in the universe
Even though with all the sham an’ the drudgery
If you do it’s hard to make it on this planet as comfortably
From the way most people live?
You mighta thought that a lotta folks done forgot what both of they meanings is.
But that’s why I hope you exemplify ’em.