Putcha Ankles In It

by The Mighty Rhino Produced by Remot

Verse 1:

I’m out here like, Who got it locked, bitch? Who the truth?
Harder than tryna fit a beluga through a hula hoop
Harder than tryna teach a poodle to use a Rubik’s cube
Tryna drive to Jupiter’s moons in a used Subaru, so
Whatcha life like, pimpin’?
I’m just here to supply my light and define my vision
Speakin’ straight knowledge, talkin’ like a recent-day prophet
But then you crossed him with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
I’ll lift an’ toss a hippopotamus, split your consciousness
To infinitesimal decimal digits and smallish bits
Philosopher pimp and prophet I’m all of this
Plus professor lovely honey undresser and political columnist
Delicious wit and meticulous lawlessness beyond critique
Living embodiment of joie de vivre
And even when my light’s blinding – y’all can see
The future of dope rap shit belongs to me!


Verse 2:

Three descriptions of my flows is real, hot an’ skilled
Three things I do to shows is steal, stop an’ kill
When I say I can accomplish the impossible it’s all banal to you
‘Cause I’m so awesome that it’s obvious and logical like
I stuck a shotty to a Saudi Wahhabi
Sped off with a Sarah Polley-lookin’ hottie in a Maserati
Went to heaven talked to Gandhi, he fuckin’ with me
Bunnin’ sticky bumpin’ Biggie Uncle Ricky Ladi Dadi
I remixed the Code of Hammurabi, with funk and flavor
Now the laws be, love thy neighbor and ROCK the body body
Mr. McGillicuddy spittin’ that silly putty
That got all of these little kiddie cudis shittin’ they huggies
Wait – gimme a minute, my words got this flibbertigibbet
Shittin’ a turd as big as a midget
An’ even though I believe in Jesus returned to Persia with light
I’ma still murder murder this mic!


Verse 3:


But not Red Rat! Rhino! Never forget that!
Bitches ain’t prepared for me hardly!
I’m like James Brown came round in the era of Bing Crosby!
All I do is walk in the place so serene
An’ then I STOMP they shit like Ray Bones to Gene!
An’ when they block fall like Jenga – it’s a holiday!
Happy Kwanzaa, I’m Ron Karenga – listen!
Hoes in these specially chosen clothes and accessories
Row they boat through the seven seas hope to get close and next to meeee
I’m so exemplary, spit so quick an’ vicious so my enemy
Will swim with the fishes sole an’ anemone
Render ‘em impotent give a shrimp a vocal vasectomy
An’ I don’t give a SHIT what you written spoken or said to me
The single greatest human being ever to rap
And the music even better than that, so fuck with me, come on!