One Time

Verse 1
Yes! Mighty Rhino, I’m 7:30 sick!
First bars in I already give ’em that murda shit!
Rappers can quit it with they ishkabbible
Maine, all my bars harder than the Statue of Liberty’s titty­nipples!
I hurricane ’em, yaint even makin’ no little ripples
Curb your complainin’ ’cause we ain’t in it for shits an’ giggles
Giggles an’ shits, riddle me this, cut a rapper like a dick at a bris
Lickety split, snippety snip!
We Al Green ’em, hit ’em with some sizzling grits
You want beef, hit ’em with living chicken and fish
Romantic Cubist Tantric Buddhist minimalist
You eating kibbles an’ bits, I read ’em Dickens an’ Swift
No magnificene exists that isn’t this
You should simply witness the imminent mystical bliss
‘Cause I’ma make the rap game dirty and beautiful at the same time
That’s to say I’ma turn it into my bitch!

All my people in the building holla one time!
Fly motherfuckers holla one time!
Rap nerd fellas gimme a one time!
Dimed­out women lemme hear it one time!
All my people in the place – holla one time!
Fly motherfuckers holla at me one time!
FUCK that, let’s make some noise one time
When you see me comin’ holla one time – ONE TIME!

Verse 2
This is Toronto correctly representado
Effortless cleverness from your resident desperado
If I had to guess I’d reckon I’m never bedding a model
If I do I’ll hit it dirty as in a Mexican brothel
But listen – I been blessed with the gospel!
So accept me or you get the Gestapo!
Or sent to Burkina Faso!
Ougadougou, do the voodoo to stew your noodle
‘Cause every tune that we do is inevitably colossal!
This the leap an’ the plunge, little leaf in the lungs
Got women speakin’ in tongues, my methods is Pentecostal!
I got the energy of a ’70s Zeppelin rock show
Magic Psychodramatic like I was sent from Chicago!
Night of the Hunter S. Thompson, my pen is gonzo –
Skin blue, been too trill for y’all, ho!
Your friendly neuroto reverend apostle
Who isn’t stressin’ the sorrow ’cause he busy preppin’ a better tomorrow.
What up!


One time! (x 8)

A­where they do that at
A­where they do that at
A­where they do that at
A­where they do that at
Ain’t’ no spitter like a T­Dot spitter
‘Cause the rest of y’all spitters ain’t shiiiiiiiiit…