Mission Statement

By The Mighty Rhino Produced by Remot

I love life! Love my father, love my lady
Love my fam, peace to Digs, what up to Haley
A true king, that’s what this rap culture made me
Brilliant lyrics, run ’em daily — I’m fucking crazy
I was a grain of sand, ’til God made a plan
To take a waste of a man and make him an Abraham
An’ that’s whether or not he even exists
Cause only the blessings of God could be equal to this!
There was a time I was weak, I was desperate for help
But then I tried killing these beats instead of myself
The pressure was eating at me like a fatal disease
Until I learned I was destined to bring the game to its knees
So give praise to Jesus Christ’s amazing grace
I will break your dream, your life, your brain, your face
But I can heal and exalt you just as quickly
So is you real or not, is you fuckin’ with me?
I’m a Jewish Sufi, fulfilling my human duty
To contribute my particular vision of truth and beauty
An’ maybe it caint get me no closer to the divine
But fuck it, I’m still expressin’ my notions of the sublime
I’ma wrap it all in beguiling an’ beauteous prose
Then set it off with trill stylin’ an’ some ludicrous flows
An’ give it all to the world, so I can honour the world
By breaking every single motherfucking rule that it knows
Exhuming the ghosts of the martyrs an’ soothin’ they souls
They know — they can feel the beautiful future approach
It don’t matter ,  — whether the game want it or not
They ain’t ready for the gumbo I’ma toss in the pot
An’ I caint possibly stop, ’cause when I’m holdin’ a mic
They know I belong at the top, I’m an explosion of light
‘Cause when I’m speaking my mind an’ blessing a beat
It’s some shit the demon of time can never defeat
So fuck witcha boy for as long as I’m drawin’ this breath
Make moments where wonder and joy is conquerin’ death
An even if I never claim the title, they forever remain vital
And the world will remember the name Rhino!