Glory Of The Moment

Well good day my friend, whyncha make yourself right at home
Mr. Mighty Rhino ’bout to set it off nice on the microphone
We ’bout to get into a good thing, so don’t let it pass you by
Just let the glory of the moment take you high

Verse 1
Look – all I need is one mic.
I’m what would happen if a thug­life Updike fucked Lyte one night.
An’ Mia X got in on the freaky sex an’ then
Raymond Carver was claimed as the babyfather.
Nefarious, plus I’m gettin’ comparison to prophets ’cause
“I saw the sign” of the hilarious apocalypse
Thank you Ace of Based God, cook knife steak!
My style is what it take to make a good life great!
An’ listen, I don’t give a goddamn if I don’t get famous –
Either way I’m still the Mayor like I’m Ossie Davis!
These rappers is sweeter than glucose fructose
So I hit ’em with double like Boutros Boutros
Ghali (golly) wolly googly moogly
I am the future of inspired and beautiful musical lunacy, like
“He was tryna test
So I hit ‘im with the bang
An’ laid ‘im to rest” –
I will haiku your eulogy!


Verse 2
Listen man, I’m like the motherfuckin’ human condition –
I’m a problem that can’t be solved!
An’ I’m incredible even though I’m the death of you!
Rappers try to figure me out an’ get trapped in a yawning existential void – what the fuck?!
Raw in every sense, your boy runs amok
Control your whole shit like Bugs in “Duck Amuck”
Yes I, come from money, but what come from my tongue is money
So I’m not to be fucked with, money
Doors open on a tan sedan camper van
An’ in the car is I like Afghanistan man
And – nicer than Rhino you na know nann man
Even though he cracker like Tam Tam – van damn! So!
I ring a bell an’ my agents spring from undercover
We gon’ mek it king hell crazy in this motherfucker!
An’ y’all gon’ leave my show witcha brain fucked
Let my nuts hang down, lift your soul straight UP!


Verse 3
Look –
All I’m attempting to do when I get in the booth
Is express me some views tremendously deft and astute
So y’all know when my mental weapons is loosed
Over some records that my bredren produce, then it’s the definite truth.
That shit’s inevitable. So if you jesters endeavour to prove
That I’m anything less than incredibly smooth
Or better yet you try to test or rebuke?
You destined to get your head split, I sends you to your death an’ it’s
So listen – If U Stay Reeadyyyyy…
You’ll STILL never be ready we too incredibly deadly
Steady gettin’ cheddar bruschetta spaghetti
Peace to Shad, ‘Shed, E, Socks, ‘Scription, Bender, Lesson an’ Jesse
Look! Any pansy little rapper we bury ’em
An’ we handle any baggage we carryin’ so
If you had a plan to be attackin’ disparagin’ – fuck that!
‘Cause we antidisestablishmentarian an’ we TRILL!Chorus