Company Policy

By The Mighty Rhino Produced by Digs


Oh, don’t you know
It’s company policy baby
It’s company policy baby
Just the way I’ve learned to love
It’s company policy baby
It’s the way I make my peace, it’s in my soul

Verse 1:

It’s as if somebody bottled the sun.
Only way I can possibly sum up what I thought we’d become
An’ we was awfully young, so it was probably dumb
But Lord knows we had ourselves an astonishing run.
Wasn’t just erotical lust, we was longing for love.
An’ we was real, ’cause honesty is as honesty does.
‘Member that first day, jes’ talkin’ from dawn to the dusk —
Barely let go of you long enough to get onto the bus!
Them eyes you got, lady, with that gaze you can hold?
Wasn’t nothin’ quite like it on the face of the globe.
I ‘member — I use a sit an’ watch you play with my baby niece!
…Gaze at you in my bed as you lay asleep.
Sun pokin’ through the blinds at dawn — jealous!
Like it’s nothin’ he’d rather shine upon!
Them moments brought me closer to transcendence than I’d ever been.
So that’s somethin’ I still revel in, y’know?


Verse 2:

Got a lot of my dawgs thinkin’ I’m strange.
This girl left you, why you got a song singin’ her praise?
Why you ain’t livid with rage, cussin’ her out?
Tell ’em ‘Cause that ain’t actually what lovin’s about.
Sometimes I wanna attack, an’ be savagely cruel!
But my heart doesn’t have the capacity to.
An’ you did what yours asked you to do — so how I’m gonna be mad
‘Cause we caint rekindle the thing that we had?
Sometimes I think you wish I thought you was a raggedy bitch
Just so you woulda felt better ’bout havin’ to split!
That’s the glorious part — ’cause it prolly coulda tore me apart
‘Cep’ I just wasn’t born with that sort of heart!
Yaint my honeydove now, that’ll be what it be!
Love ain’t somethin’ that dies, girl — at least if you’re me!
Still care ’boutcha, even through all the stress an’ regrets —
‘Cause a life without love is no better than death.


Verse 3:

Certain joyous feelin’ I get at the thought of you
Coulna destroy or steal or wreck it you wanted to
You prolly do — least if you still sippin’ on that bitter broth you brewed
Knocked an’ threw your conscience askew
Somethin’ I caint figure how to parse — you let me come an’ help
Recover your love of self, then you kicked me out your heart
…Maybe it’s crazy to say it, I wouldn’t say nathan abrasive
Even if I had the patience for hatred.
‘Cause girlie, you better listen — you one of the most beautiful poems
That the Blessed Eternal has ever written.
I know you think it’s better to reject the praise
But you’ll go to your grave somebody I treasure an’ respect!
Even if we never speak again! I hope you live a life
You can find inner light an’ pleasure an’ freedom in!
Blessings an’ meaning in! That’s how I feel, an’ it’s so true
That I’m lettin’ my people know too.

Chorus (X2):