Act A Dog (ft. Cynthia Hallett)


I never said I was a dog
But I’m finna act a dog if the music tight
An’ I really wasn’t tryna do this
But if we gon’ do this we gon’ do this right
See I can take you where you wanna go
But I’ma need to see your ass on the floor
An’ if you put your hands in the air we can bang us out a tune tonight
It go
Na na na na na na na na
O na na na na na na na
O na na na na na na na naaaaa
Can you say that?


Verse 1
Hol’ up.
A maker of magic is comin’ to town
A man who simply ain’t in the habit of fuckin’ around
He could be a healer, a lover, a balm to your pain –
C’mon, is this really somethin’ I gotta explain?
Let’s just electric relax, like Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Have a kid, name it somethin’ like Ali Shaheed Muhammad
You wanna get naked an’ do somethin’ X­rated
Then that’s cool – but that’s up to you, ’cause I don’t expectate it.
Even if bein’ a huggable schlub loverman
Ain’ enough to get a honey to cum in her underpants
I’ma still make more ruckus than the club can stand
How you gonna have fun if none of you fuckers dance?
I got that funk for the trunk, an’ I don’t drive a car
Don’t drink neither, but I make ’em wanna buy the bar
‘Bout to have a ­time­ right here.
An’ if you thinkin’ the same?
Then I’ma go ahead an’ sing the refrain.


Verse 2 (featuring Cynthia Hallett in italics)
Pardon darlin’ would you mind if i c’d get with you?
You the girl whose lou I been skippin’ to
‘Stead o’ talked at how ’bout gettin’ listened to?
Say you got a man, but he ain’t even a man, that’s Chicken Boo
Well ain’t you Mr. Pitiful?
How I know you ain’t just sayin’ shit that isn’t true?
Even if I was to think that you were pretty cool…
See, I think you’re divine.
Well maybe another time – I got shit to do.
Awww darlin’, whynchu gimme a chance?
Let’s cut a rug some, an’ if you ain’t fixin’ to dance
Maybe Everest, get us that ravioli dish
Honest, milady, it’s nobody I’d rather hold an’ kiss!
Hey, ain’t you puttin’ the horse before the cart?
Maybe, but I’m just tryna explore your heart.
Okay but why should I believe you? I heard you a dog.
Aiy baby listen to the words of the song…